The Malacañang Park

The Malacañang Park

The Malacañang Park is located in the Southwestern part of Barangay Crossing. Overlooking Lake Mainit with an elevation of more than 100 meters above sea level and covering about 10 hectares of forest area is one of the interesting feature of the park. The soil is composed largely of lime rock with small percentage of fine soil. Different species of trees, shrubs, grasses, vines and wild plants are present.

The park is traversed by the old and abandoned national highway. It is characterized by a rugged terrain and unique geological formations. An interesting feature of a 90o cave opening from the mountain top is observable. This cave is believed to be adjoining other caves such as Anibongan Cave.

According to some folks, the place has been inhabited by spirits who settled inside the giant rock. These spirits have been believed to be very kind and helpful and that every dawn of every morning, several spirits were believed to have come to the place and have some rest and comfort and at the same time share and discuss issues since they considered the place as their central government.


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