Sugod Usa-Usa Tabunan Beach Front

Sugod Usa-Usa Tabunan Beach Front

     Beaches and coastal areas are regarded as potential sites for tourism development. The multi-use of such areas, however, very often subject them to environmental stress. Coastal areas are usually the direct recipients of garbage and domestic wastes. The facility of moving logs through water bodies  also subject the easily accessible coastal forest to severe cutting and over-exploitation. Consequently, this result in coastal erosion and sedimentation which generally impinge on the utility and ecological functions of coastal areas.

The beachfront covers the foreshore land of Sitio Sogod, Usa-usa and Tabunan, all of Barangay San Roque. This occupies an area of 4.5 hectares and is located 400 meters away from the Maharlika Highway. The beach is a very good place for relaxation and picnicking. Its area is rich in fresh water shell called “igi” which is edible when boiled and it is also a source of calcium for strong bones and teeth.


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